Fast Five – not a movie about masterbation…


although, just based on the cast, its not far from it.

It IS, however, one of the better episodes in the “Fast and the Furious” series.  Frankly, you can throw Tokyo Drift completely out because it doesn’t really have any of the primary characters and it plays for like a made for TV rip-off (and I can say that with confidence because I worked on it).  But over the course of the movies since then, director Justin Lin hit his stride and brought us an absolutely absurd two hours of fun.   I think Fast Five pulls us in because it has somehow evolved from fast car races and chases into a heist film.  Kinda like Oceans 11 for the gear head demographic.

Paul Walker is back as eye candy for ladies.  Jordanna Brewster is there for the guys.  And Vin Diesel is there for the curious.  And Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson hops in as the FBI mountain that is after the three thieves on the run.

The trio plan to steal from some Rio-based crime lord, and they put the team back together to pull off the most ridiculously over the top bank robbery since Dog Day Afternoon…. Okay, so that was a bad example.  Anyway, its a fun bit of nonsense.  Lin uses the Rio landscape to good effect, especially a chase down the verticality of the slums.  And the final car chase with a multi-ton safe being dragged through the city streets it so nuts that you simply turn off your brain and enjoy the ride.

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