Throughout history, and definitely in the last couple of years, there have been films about faith, suffering, and religion which falter from the same problem that the Bible has.  They are pedantic, heavy-handed, sermonesque (is that a word?), and worse of all… boring.  Films like The Grace Card and The 5th Quarter (probably seen by none of you readers) have good intentions, but they simply take messages from the Bible and jam them down  your throat.  If I wanted that, I could go to church. (more…)

Book of Pi…. I mean.. Life of Pi

I don’t have a glib remark.  The devastation and anger is still coursing through me.

In an carefully measured and structured approach, documentarian Kirby Dick paints an incredibly dire picture of a problem with the U.S. Military system, not only that rapes are happening (estimated 20% of enlisted women), but that there are no avenues for a victim to seek justice.

Many of the woman interviewed were part of a lawsuit (more…)

The Invisible War

This Victor Hugo story has been brought to the screen many times already, with varying degrees of success.  I was brought up on it, watching every year of elementary school for French class.  It was a TV version starring Richard Jordan as Valjean and Anthony Perkins as Javert.  I’ve read the novel.  And I’ve seen the Broadway show numerous times with numerous companies, in numerous cities.  I know the libretto backwards and forwards.  Needless to say, I’ve been looking forward to this.

And I’m quite disappointed for quite a number of reasons. (more…)

Les Misérables – the title says it all … unfortunately.

One moment of silence for Eileen Moran, Executive Producer at Weta Digital and one of the producers on The Hobbit.  She led Weta to many Oscars, including three consecutive ones for the Lord of the Rings series.  To the occasional consternation of the artist, she was one to always say “Yes.  Absolutely.  We can do that.”  And then, we did.   She passed away after a long bout with cancer, just shy of the premiere of The Hobbit in Wellington.


It’s been nearly a decade since we were last in Middle Earth.  Peter Jackson provided for us a window into a world that we had previously only imagined.  His vision of Middle Earth was everything I could have hoped for, and beyond.  So when the announcement arrived that The Hobbit was going to production it became a roller coaster of anticipation and trepidation. (more…)

HFR – Hobbit Frame Rate

Hey undereducated screenwriters! If aliens are going to invade us, the only thing that is unique to planet Earth is … life. They don’t want our water. They don’t need our minerals. And if they have the technology to travel millions of light years, they probably don’t need slave labor. So, lets work on something that might be really intriguing. For instance, that they are so advanced that we can’t even HOPE to guess why they are here. Its simply beyond us. But…I guess that would lead to audiences feeling stupid, which would, in turn, lead to lower box office revenue. Instead, people will go see Adam Sandler movies, and keep him rich.

So, as you may have guessed, (more…)

The Darkest Hour – oddly misnamed. Should be The Darkest Ninety Minutes…of my life.

As I waited in line for a sold out show at 10:30 pm on a Tuesday night, I thought to myself “Is this going to be worth it?” I had no prior knowledge of The Hunger Games outside of the fact that its been anticipated…I have friend who worked on it…its a novel…and that it opened over the weekend with some ungodly Box Office records. I usually shy away from stuff like this because the hype generates so much false hope that it can only be a let down. (more…)

The Hunger Games: Not Really About Kids Killing Kids

I don’t know how many We-are-a-troubled-family-but-are-brought-together-when-criminals-break-into-our-house-and-hold-us-hostage films have been made, or how many more there will be made. But I plead to the studios — if you aren’t going to bring anything new to the table, don’t make the movie.

I wasn’t in the room for the pitch on this film, but I can imagine it going something like this (more…)

Trespass: or in French, Très Passé