Pass on Hall Pass


And just so Hollywood doesn’t buck the trend of shitty movies, we have this!  In the past, I’ve truly laughed during Farrelly Brothers movies, especially There’s Something About Mary, which was both smart and dumb at the same time — making movietime fun for everyone.  Since then, I feel that something broke in their brains. And that was 13 years ago.  There is nothing remotely amusing about the film…at all.
The premise is that two couples are having some issues.  The wives’ (Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate) are planted with the idea that maybe the guys (Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikas) need a “hall pass” from their marriage for a week, so they can get whatever is they have in their system, out.  The guys take them up on it.  Comedy ensues.  Or perhaps tragedy.  Really…nothing ensues.

Wilson and Sudeikas are affable and likeable characters, who, generally, you want to root for.  However, they are so good at being age 13, and so inept at being men, that its hard to get behind him.  Furthermore, when you think about it… what are you rooting for?  To potentially undermine their marriages?  How can one hope to destroy Jenna Fischer?  She’s so adorable!

The Farrelly Brothers tries to use their traditional shock treatment of comedy: scatology and a huge penis onscreen next to Owen Wilson face for at least a continuous one minute.  In fact, the penis probably should have gotten higher billing than Applegate for the amount of screentime it had.  That, and a stunning Nicky Whelan taking over her top brought the rating into R territory — and unnecessarily so.  Those scenes could have easily been removed, and an even larger demographic could have been subjected to this atrocity.

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