Skyline —- flatline


I felt more empathy for all the faceless victims getting vacuumed up by the aliens than I did for any of the lead characters.

The wasn’t as horrible as I wish it had been. It’s more, just…tragically flawed. Dramatically handicapped. The production value was high, but I guess you can do that when you own a visual effects company and do the fx for your film while you are supposed to be working for the clients who hired you for THEIR film. But…I digress. Its a concise story, saving money by setting up the rules to contain the lead characters in one or two locations. I’m sure you save money on permits when you shoot in your own apartment. Heck, they didn’t even have to rent the Ferrari. I’m sure it was courtesy of “The Brothers Strause”. Alien designs were cool — provided by Alien series alumni Alex Gillis and Tom Woodruff.

I did laugh out loud once… alone in my apartment. The scene is some rich douche living in a highrise who invited his highschool buddy to visit from brooklyn. When he arrives, he said “I need you out here, man. I need your help” he buddy replies “I can’t do what you do … I don’t know effects”… HA!! … “You’ve got the talent. The computer is just a tool” HA HA!!. OK, the only FX people who drive around in Ferrari’s and live in marina-side penthouses and flaunt it so conspicuously are … The Brothers Strause. And yes…they are just tools.

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