The Inbetweeners Movie — somewhere inbetween imbecilic and puerile


You could ask yourself, “How could I make American Pie more ridiculous?” Well, you could make the characters British, moronic, and so implausible that they don’t even fit a stereotype. And then send them on holiday in Greece into a situation as filled with douchebaggery that rivals any Ft. Lauderdale you can think of.

I assume that this is based off of a television series considering that it as “The Movie” suffix tagged at the end. And a quick Google search finds that it seems to be a very successful series. But, I can’t even fathom how a popular series would evolve into this.
The story follows Will (The Nerd), Jay (The Perv), Simon (The Lovelorn), and Neil (The Dunce) as they plan to get laid by every girl in Malia, Greece. And their first move is to go in wearing pink shirts emblazoned with “Pussay Patrol” across the chest. This is about the tone of the whole film. No nuance. No subtlety. No intelligence to the humor. Everything is based on penis, shit, poo, and vagina, in all of its clever pseudonyms. Every line sounds like the writers toiled for days to get enough crassness injected… and then revised to push it further. Perhaps this would have worked if the characters were in the very least likable, and at most sympathetic. But really, what they make up is sympathetic without the sym.

I could only recommend this film if you are a guy under 15 years old – or perhaps the mentality of a 15 years old. Otherwise, its just ridiculous.

Note: It seems like I’m alone in my opinion as anyone else who has seen this would appear to be a fan of the show and probably stunted in their maturity and quite possibly their intelligence.

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