The New Zealand Chronicles:Part 5 – Here Comes the Sun


*** First written June 16, 2002***

Today is a rather uneventful day. Most of the day is spent working on Midnight Club 2.

The sun came out, however. The rains and winds have past. Sailboats and sea kayaks are out in Oriental Bay in droves. Still chilly though.

Brunch is a hard thing to come by. Most places have stopped serving after 11am. We didn’t wake too late, its just that we pushed eating back a while. We were looking for some pancakes. Evidentally, International House of Pancakes isn’t so international. Everyplace we looked, restaurants offered pancakes for brunch — but every single place had Bacon and Banana Pancakes. We haven’t found out whether or not they mix bacon into the batter or place cooked Bacon on top of the the cooked stack. There just seems to be something wrong about it. Perhaps in a couple months we’ll be ready to venture into the territory of Bacon and Banana Pancakes. Until then, I think they probably have cereal around here someplace.

There is a McDonald’s across the street, so we decide to take that as an alternative. They don’t serve breakfast after 10:30 here (just like home) — but its lunchtime anyway. I look at the menu and decide to go for the Quarter Pounder (not Royale with Cheese – BTW). I could have gone for the MegaFeast burger. It looks like it could be the Big and Tasty. Doesn’t the Big N Tasty have mayo? I’ve never had one before. OR — I could have gone for the Kiwiburger, which has an egg and something else unidentifiable. I ask what it is, but couldn’t understand what the McD employee said. After saying “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that” and him repeating it and I not understanding it again, I decided to leave it alone.

Its the Queen’s Birthday this weekend. I’m not sure if it was telecast in the States, but there was a huge ordeal in England with Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton, et al, performing on behalf of the Queen. Most stores are closed or have alternate hours to celebrate the event.  I have to find a technical book on Renderman and bone up before starting work, and now I can’t because a royal figurehead has to have her birthday party.  And everyone is invited.

Also caught the MTV Movie Award. Sigh.It makes me sad. At least Lord of the Rings got best picture. But against Legally Blonde and Fast and the Furious? It just makes me have so much more contempt for the MTV generation.  Is that how our parents felt when we liked movies like Jaws, or Close Encounters or Clash of the Titans?  Did they say “Those darn kids and their Indiana Jones!  That’s not filmmaking!”  Fast and the Furious…REALLY!?  Best picture?  Even if its just a nomination…I have very little hope for the younger generation.

Maori translations of Weta related words.

Weta (as mentioned earlier) – a large indigenous cricket deriving its name from “wetapunga”, which translates to “God of ugly things”

Rongotai = (possibly) “Listen to the Sea”.There are many definitions of both Rongo and Tai — this definition sounds the most poetic.

Weka = Barn Hen. Not really poetic, but the only definition.

Manuka = could be tea-tree — could be anti-inflammatory medicine. Smart money is on tea-tree.

The rest of the day is back to work. Gotta get this thing out of the way before wrangling Gollum.

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